FAQ Page

For which industries do you handle recruitment and staffing?

We specialize in real estate, property management, and construction recruitment services. Our employment agency in South Florida connects top talent with industry-leading companies in these fields, offering ideal career opportunities for job seekers. So, if you are someone looking to hire or be hired in these industries, get in touch with us at (770) 379-4635. We will help you find the perfect match!

Is there a minimum age requirement for employment?

At our staffing agency, we adhere to all legal requirements for employment, including minimum age requirements. However, specific age requirements may vary depending on the job position and company policies. Our team ensures all candidates meet the qualifications before placing them in any job role. So rest assured, we will find the right fit for you or your organization, regardless of age restrictions.

Will a recruiting agency hire you if you have a criminal record?

It ultimately depends on the company and the nature of the criminal record. Our recruiting agency carefully screens all candidates to ensure they meet the qualifications and requirements set by our clients. If you have a criminal record, we recommend being upfront about it during the application process, as this will help us find the best fit for you. We strive to find employment options for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. So, don’t let your past hold you back from reaching out to us.

Can real estate staffing agencies assist with temporary staffing?

Yes, real estate staffing agencies can assist with temporary staffing needs to meet the changing demands of the industry. This can be beneficial for companies that have seasonal or short-term projects, as well as job seekers who are looking to gain experience in the field. Lastly, it allows both parties to evaluate a potential long-term fit before making any permanent decisions.

How long does it typically take for construction recruiters to find a job for candidates?

The timeline for finding a job can vary depending on the specific requirements and availability of positions in the construction industry. However, with our skilled construction recruiters and vast network of industry connections, we strive to place candidates as efficiently as possible. We understand the urgency of finding employment, and our team works tirelessly to match candidates with suitable job opportunities. So, contact us at (770) 379-4635 to start your job search today!

How can property management recruiters assist in finding qualified candidates?

Our property management recruiters utilize industry expertise and thorough screening processes to identify qualified candidates for various roles in the property management field. We work closely with both candidates and companies to ensure a successful match, considering specific skills, experience, and company culture fit. Our goal is to save valuable time and resources for our clients by presenting them with top talent that meets their needs. For more information, call us at (770) 379-4635, and let us help you find the right fit for your property management team.

How do executive recruiters differ from traditional job placement services?

Executive recruiters specialize in finding top-level, highly skilled candidates for executive and leadership positions within organizations. They typically have extensive industry knowledge and connections and use a targeted approach to identify and attract top talent.

In contrast, traditional job placement services focus on filling a wide range of positions across various industries.

Do headhunters hire individuals with permanent residency or valid work permits?

Yes, head hunters can assist individuals with permanent residency or valid work permits in finding suitable employment opportunities. As a trusted recruiting agency, we comply with all legal requirements for employment and aim to find the best fit for both our clients and candidates. We recommend disclosing any relevant information regarding your residency or work status during the application process so that we can better assist you in your job search.

What is involved in your hiring process?

Our staffing firm follows a comprehensive hiring process to ensure the best match for both our clients and candidates. This includes initial screenings, interviews, reference checks, background checks (if necessary), and skills assessments. We also work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and company culture to find the right fit. Additionally, we provide ongoing support throughout the selection and onboarding process to make sure both parties are satisfied. If you are interested in learning more about our hiring process, call us at (770) 379-4635. Sinfo@recruitmentagency.com.

Why should you work with job recruiters?

As experienced professionals in the recruiting industry, we have access to a vast network of top companies and candidates, making it easier to find the perfect match. Our recruiters also have in-depth knowledge of industry trends and hiring practices, allowing us to provide valuable insights and advice throughout the recruitment process. So whether you are a company looking for top talent or a job seeker aspiring to new opportunities, partner with us to streamline and simplify the hiring process. Contact us at (770) 379-4635 to learn more about how our job recruiters can assist you.